VanQ’s Mission Statement

The mission of VANQ is to build a strong local Software Quality Assurance community. This mission will be achieved by the following objectives:

Provide – VANQ will provide the community with a Software Quality assurance group. Under the umbrella of VANQ, members will have the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience as software practitioners in the context of Quality Assurance.

Offer – VANQ will offer to the community theoretical and practical knowledge through presentations by its members and invited speakers. VANQ will make accessible to the community the discussed materials.

Promote – VANQ will promote education and self-improvement and certification of its members. Students from different educational institutions will have the opportunity to present and discuss the result of their work. The main objective that the group will achieve by this idea is to feed the community with advanced knowledge and to give the student presenter the opportunity to network and discuss their work with advanced practitioners.

Standardize – VANQ will encourage the sharing of knowledge of software standards and processes.

Participate – VANQ is committed to free community participation. This objective will encourage the continuous update of knowledge, and networking between participants.

Connect – VANQ will be an excellent networking place for IT individuals, professionals, and enthusiasts.

VANQ will be the place to exchange, share, learn and network for Software Quality Assurance Professionals and IT professionals in general.